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Posted By Topic: Prescribed Electrical Work In NZ Question

Jul 26 2019 17:31


I am an electrical engineer having some troubled figuring out what type of electrical work needs licensing in NZ.

Am I correct to understand that electrical engineers can design and plan electrical installations and switchboards as well as sign electrical designs without needing licensing and/or registration?

Is licensing and/or registration needed only in order to physically perform electrical work?

Assistance is much appreciated,
Eng. Andrey Vulfovich

Jul 29 2019 19:24

Design isn't PEW. However, Reg 14 says that the designs must be safe.

Jul 29 2019 20:54

Electricity Act 1992 s74 says that a registered person needs to hold a practising licence to do prescribed electrical work (alternatively under provisional or employer licence)

Training and qualification requirements for Electrical Engineer registration and application for practising licence.

Electrical Engineer limits of work