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Posted By Topic: dangerous stuff removing from service

Jul 26 2019 18:51

what are my options if i come across something in service that is clearly dangerous and/or a fire risk? If something is downright wrong can I legally disconnect it, or if the customer insists I can't and something like the gas explosion like in christchurch last week happens.....

Jul 26 2019 19:02

Notify the owner of the installation, or person in control, and then notify WorkSafe- they are the Electrical Regulator in NZ, it's their pigeon to deal with.

Jul 26 2019 20:04

19 Notifying WorkSafe of danger

(1)This regulation applies to a person while
engaged in any of the following:
(a)carrying out prescribed electrical
work, including while acting under an
(b)carrying out a periodic assessment
under regulations 75, 78D, 78G, and
(c)examining a connectable installation
with a view to issuing a warrant of
electrical fitness under

(2)If a person to whom this regulation
applies has reasonable grounds to believe
that the works, installation, fitting, or
appliance presents an immediate danger to
life or property, the person must, as soon
as practicable, advise both of the
following people of the danger:
(a)the owner or occupier of the property
where the danger exists:


The advice in subclause (2) must include—
(a) details of the nature of the danger; and
(b) how and why the works, installation,
fitting, or appliance presents an
immediate danger to life or property; and
(c) any steps that have been taken, or that
the person reasonably believes should be
taken, to minimise or eliminate the