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Posted By Topic: Commercial Space

Jul 29 2019 09:00

A client has subleased part of their commercial space to a tenant. The area is partitioned of with walls. Is there a requirement to have the electrical installation in this area standalone ie local DB supplying subcircuits for that area. Or is it ok for the electrical installation to be part of the original installation.

Jul 29 2019 11:05

* No requirement for seperate metering due to lease conditions.

Jul 29 2019 17:06

No requirement for a separate installation. It's entirely up to how you want to manage them paying for their share of the power. I have in some cases seen a check meter installed. The other extreme is to split it in to 2 separate installations if you foresee a problem with power bills

Jul 29 2019 21:01

Is it in the terms of the lease? Otherwise, no.

Jul 29 2019 22:00 (b): Electrical installations with more than one occupier:
Each individual occupier shall have ready access to an isolating switch or switches that isolate that occupier's portion of the electrical installation.

The isolating switch or switches need not control the submains supplying that portion of the electrical installation but shall be mounted on a switchboard located either in the individual portion of the electrical installation or within easy access from an entrance to the individual premises. Multiple electrical installations:

In multiple electrical installations the main switchboard shall not be located within any tenancy or single electrical installation of a multiple premise, either domestic or non-domestic.


Jul 30 2019 09:23

So the lease needs to allow the tenant access to the relevant switchboard(s). And circuits should be labelled as to which swbd they are fed from.