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Posted By Topic: Help from any bosses out there

Jul 29 2019 12:47

I have recently been promoted to the electrical boss at a large but old industrial dairy site. For those who have been in a similar situation, any advice or guidance you can pass on that you experienced going from just one of the boys to leading the team?.

This promotion was sudden due to a death, in fact I didnt even apply for it. So I am also after any advice from people in similar roles on setting up electrical maintenance plans etc, or sites where I can get quality information?

Jul 29 2019 20:55

always have green beers, yellow beers and brown beers avaialable for happy hour, that way you'll please everyone.

Jul 29 2019 22:38

Interesting question, I don't know where to start! It happened to me when I was quite young and green, made a few mistakes handling older workers but call it a learning experience. There are all sorts of management courses but the only ones I found with much practical use are project management / planning courses.
Remember you are the meat in the sandwich, bosses above asking too much and others below expecting too much. Good luck!

Jul 29 2019 23:47

Staff will follow in your footsteps. You have to ask yourself what sort of workplace environment you want. You won’t please everyone.

Some things I’ve learnt over the years.

Admit when you are wrong and be open to learn new things, Regs are always going to change

Have an open door policy, make staff feel welcomed

Be punctual if not the staff will turn up late too. If your going to be late it doesn’t hurt to say why. This will show them that you expect an excuse too.

When giving staff members a task, ask them for confirmation so you know that they have understood you. This will minimize mistakes etc. also listen to what they have to say, questions etc. give feed back. I have found this saves a lot of time in the long run.

If you have apprentices give them responsibility. Give them jobs that they are responsible for. If they make a mistake don’t get angry. Correct them and move on.
Praise them when they do well.

Don’t be a preacher and give orders all the time, ask them for input,delegate jobs/ tasks. This will give staff responsibility and it also takes a load off you. Again give them praise when things go well.

Try not to be a C$&T but be fair
Hope this helps


Jul 29 2019 23:49

Wiredone All the best with it mate. It can be hard work at times.

Jul 30 2019 00:52

Thanks for that, very helpful.