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Posted By Topic: Test and Tag

Jul 29 2019 15:11

Hi all, After many years of repairs and electrical testing in the same company, I am moving onto another but similar job. My current employer ( 2 weeks to go) has decided that he wants me to show his sales staff who have no electrical knowledge at all how to test and tag, "write a few notes so they know what they are doing with this machine". I know there is no "qualification" required for test and tagging and I'm sure he is not going to pay to have them trained. Anyone else gone through this? I will certainly be removing my ticket number from the companies pre printed labels.

Jul 29 2019 17:11

to do testing and tagging you must be deemed competent, electricians by virtue of their trade are already competent, other non-electrical trade people who want to do testing and tagging should attend a relevant course by a training provider who will then deem them competent.


Jul 30 2019 19:31

This happened to me also.
Just be polite to your employer. Tell them you will show anyone interested how to work the PAT Tester and anything you can teach them.
Just remind your current employer that it is their obligation, and not yours, to ensure the people doing the testing are competent.
If in future the trainees pass an item that eventually leads to an electric shock or fire, then you have no obligation or responsibility whatsoever.

Jul 30 2019 19:56

Thank you for your replies.

Jul 30 2019 20:01

I'd also suggest getting them copies of 3760. Too many electricians seem to have never read it.

Jul 30 2019 20:33

Yes but im not paying for the copies of the standard :)

Jul 31 2019 06:47

so how do you know you're testing right if you don't even have a copy?

Jul 31 2019 07:14

Rarrar we get free access but our subscription doesn't allow us to print off copies for others.

Jul 31 2019 07:36

The company should buy their own copy if they intend to do the in-house T&T. Simple.

Sep 27 2019 19:12

"electricians by virtue of their trade are already competent"

LOL, I'd beg to differ, from the sparkies tags I found on dodgy/non compliant things. Tested a workshop area for a new client, found 2 or 3 125V IEC leads US 110V plug, supplied via a travel adapter and tagged by Rusty an E ticket holder- gave "Rusty" the benefit of the doubt, but when we went back six months later, the office was full of them.

Firm believer that there should be two Unit Standards developed, and anyone who wants to TnT has to complete both (covering 3760 & 3012). For folk going down the competent person route, complete these and a basic electrical unit standard and you are good to go (subject to the responsible persons endorsement)

E,EST,EAS to TnT should also need to complete the TnT Unit Standards