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Posted By Topic: Extending conductors inside an Ex e Light Fitting

Jul 30 2019 05:38

I opened up a Exe (Actually Ex d e but the terminals are Ex e) Fluorescent Light Fitting in a Zone 1 the other day for 4 year periodic inspection and the installation electrician had cut the conductors of the incoming supply Steel Wire Armour cable inside the Exe Fluorescent Light Fitting too short (Mistake on his part) to reach the Ex e terminals.

Insulated tunnel inline crimps were used to extend the conductors of the cable to reach the exe terminals.

Obviously the inline insulated crimps are not exe rated but neither are the normal insulated pin/fork crimps used to terminate the conductors to the exe terminals

This is not really best practice but I suppose it is no different to the standard practice of using the insulated pin or fork crimp on the cable cores to terminate to the exe terminal

Any thoughts ???


Jul 30 2019 08:23

Is the inline join affording equal or better insulation than the cable core alone? And;
It the inline join exposing any conductor within the fitting. And;
Are the clearance distances for the Exe terminals being maintained.


Jul 30 2019 13:54

The inline joint is better than the insulation of the core alone.

The inline joint is not exposing any conductor within the fitting.

The clearance distances for the Ex e terminals are maintained.


Jul 30 2019 17:25

In My opinion what you have described is fine , an inline crimp done correctly would pose no more problem than the conductor itself .
Different story however if they had used a strip connector or end terminal to join it.

Jul 30 2019 18:03


Thanks for the advice and I was of the opinion is was not a problem because of the method used to join the cores but just needed a second opinion.