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Posted By Topic: Housing maintenance tests after every job

Jul 31 2019 08:24

So I've been doing a bit of rental maintenance jobs lately, fixing broken batten holders, cracked powerpoints etc etc.

I can usually be in and out of the job in 10 minutes in some cases.

What mandatory things must I do before I leave the job? Things like check the MEN link, main earth etc? When you can't site the main earth on the outside of the house, is it a case of suiting up and going under to try locate it?

When you start doing 10 of these a day, having to spend 30 minutes to site the main earth can get a bit frustrating.



Jul 31 2019 09:39

Fittings such as lampholders and socket outlets are part of the installation. As such, replacing them means you are connecting a "part installation"; so ESR 73A applies. Also ESR 74A.

It does not apply to replacing parts of appliances, eg range or water heater, because appliances are not part of the installation.

ESR 73A requires, EVERY time a "part installation" is connected, that the person connecting check items (1)(a) to (e); to the extent that they are relevant.

And yes, (1)(e)(iv) requires that if the supply to the part installation being connected is from an MEN system; we have to check that there actually is a "main earthing system".

This is intended to catch those cases where the original main earthing system has been rendered inoperable; for example by metal water pipes originally used as earth electrode having been replaced with non-conductive.

So yes, we are supposed to check that a main earthing system exists. And yes, it can take time. It's legal requirement, so factor it into your schedule and charge for the time it takes. Just keep the owner informed so they don't get a nasty surprise in the invoice.

ESR 74A requires issuing of an ESC specifying what was connected. Best done while on site - no-one likes getting a bill for office time.