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Posted By Topic: Readily Accessable

Aug 02 2019 07:56

Would you consider an item inside a cupboard to be readily accessable?

I don't believe so but curious of other opinions because I know other people that do

Would you consider the situation different for cupboards that have doors and those that don't?

Aug 02 2019 08:28

If you're talking about a switch for a cooking appliance, the clause also states "visible" and readily accessible.

And the definition of readily accessible includes without "removing obstructions". I don't think having to open a door would class as an obstruction?

For a gas appliance, the means of isolation only needs to be "accessible", so in a cupboard is fine.

So it depends which clause you're referring to.

Aug 02 2019 09:59

I regard the cupboard door as an obstruction, and the cupboards contents typically further obstructions.
Also as DougP says a hob switch wouldn't be visible with door closed.

Aug 02 2019 12:47

No in particular clause, literally just talking in general but what got me thinking about was the fact that the exception to a socket outlet needing a switch if it is no greater than 10A, not "readily accessable" for other purposes and for a fixed or stationary appliances or luminaries

Aug 04 2019 07:29

I don't think a large cupboard without doors is much different to mounting on a splash back. In a small cupboard, as AlecK says, the opportunity for contents to be in the way is high.

Regardless, its a defined term. So look to the good book for guidance rather than old mate.