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Posted By Topic: Electrical maintenance

Aug 02 2019 16:15


I'm a engineering manager at a small industrial food factory. We have no onsite electricians as this work is all contracted out, but I have a few queries.

Our current contractors maintain the site in general, and periodically test bug zappers, emergency lighting, high voltage switchgear and units. Is there anything else I should be asking them to routinely maintain or test? Especially in regards to low voltage switch gear, transformers and the like, plus anything else you may recommend?.

This type of information seems to be hard to come by. Is there a one stop shop or site where I can access this info without wasting your time?.

Any help is appreciated.

Aug 02 2019 16:20

UPS, appliance test and tag, fixed wired RCDs, thermography. I'm sure there are many others. As for a website, this is as good as any.

Aug 04 2019 08:01

Condition testing of three phase motors. Identify developing faults before they halt production.

Test all safety functions including fitment of guards and interlocks.

Aug 08 2019 12:34

Hi there,

Really depends on what you have, by that i mean, do you have instruments (transducers of the sort, Pressure, Liquid level, flow etc.), machine guarding etc.

As for transformers, if you have these on site you should definitely be doing annual oil testing.

There's heaps of things outside of the norm that's been listed above to check =), the contractor should really be telling you especially if they are familiar with the site