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Posted By Topic: 1500 V DC Solar

Aug 02 2019 16:57

We have a project coming up where the home run strings x 15 back to the central inverter are coming in at 1500V DC. Yes this is a high voltage. Any thoughts what we should look for re standards etc for this higher than normal voltage.

Its on a commercial installation building.

Aug 02 2019 17:30

You say it's a home at first, and then a commercial building?

Aug 02 2019 17:31

AS/NZS 5033 only covers up to 1000V in commerical installations.

Finding DC switchgear for 1500 V DC will be problem, but there are some HV DC traction switchgear which may be suitable.

Aug 03 2019 19:06

ASNZS 3000 points to the Electrical Supply Regs, which have this to say:

62 High voltage installations treated as if works
All installation, testing, inspection, and connection done on a high voltage installation must be done in accordance with a certified design prepared for the installation.
Without otherwise limiting the application of this Part to high voltage installations, regulations 34 and 39 to 46 apply to high voltage installations as if references in those regulations to works were references to high voltage installations.

Aug 04 2019 12:20

One question; why??
The switching, insulation, and other practical problems would add much expense to the installation, plus requiring specialists for any maintenance. What is the advantage?

Aug 04 2019 14:02

so your looking at about 210kw of solar, normally this level of generation is done differently. Has the design been peer reviewed, and had network sign off ? strings of 1500v would leave you with a serious fire risk if a fault was to occur and burn alot of solar panels without the correct monitoring and protection.