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Posted By Topic: Heat Pump Electrical Requirements

Aug 06 2019 14:25

Can somebody please tell me specifically what electrical qualification is required to connect a heat pump to an existing circuit and what qualification required to connect by running a new line from the switchboard? Or is it the same level of qualification - what is it called ? Presumably to produce a COC one would need to be fully qualified ?

Aug 06 2019 14:33

You must be an electrician or a trainee suitably supervised or hold a class of registration that allows for the installation of conductors. (like Electrical Installer Option 1)

Aug 06 2019 16:57

To run cables a person must be a registered electrician or inspector, a supervised trainee electrician, or a person under direct supervision.
The direct replacement of a heatpump without carrying out any wiring alterations can be conducted by the above, and additionally by an Electrical Appliance Serviceman Endorsed to Connect and Disconnect (EAS [endorsed])

Aug 06 2019 16:59

And to answer your final question, only an electrician or inspector can issue a CoC, however the replacement of a heat pump alone only necessitates an ESC, which an EAS (endorsed) can do.