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Posted By Topic: Initial or Periodic Verification for import WoEF?

Aug 06 2019 20:59

I'm confused. I've read through a few posts on here regarding issuing a WoEF to an imported caravan, particularly one from the UK.

I'm just trying to fully get my head around where exactly ESR78(2)(c) is directing us? An assessment with Part 1 of 3000, in addition to the requirements of 3001.

So obviously Part 1 of 3000 is referred to. Although when it comes to 3001, would we be referring to all the requirements of section 3, as per 3001:3.10.1 (initial verification), or Appendix C, as per 3001:3.10.2 (periodic verification).

I would've thought 3001:3.10.1 (initial verification)? However some posts on here have led me to question this, there seems to be a few conflicting views as to whether or not (for example) UK style socket outlets would need replacing or not. My understanding is they would, as 3001:3.10.1 would encompass all the 'additional requirements of the standard' (specifically Section 3)?

So is an WoEF for an imported caravan, 3000(Part 1) + 3001(Section 3), or 3000(Part 1) + 3001(Appendix C) ? - Apologies, this question looks like some weird algebra equation.


Aug 07 2019 09:50

The short answer is : 3000 (Part 1) + 3001 (App C).

All WoEFs for CIs can only be validly issued i.a.w. the cited Standard for the type of CI.
For a caravan ? motorhome, that's "300"1.

For imported, the ONLY difference is that before doing whatever the relevant Standard says is required for issue, an assessment for compliance with Part 1 of "3000" is required.
What it probably should say - but doesn't - is that it actually has to pass the Part 1 assessment.

Having assessed against the fundamental requirements of part 1; the rest of it is exactly the same as for any other WoEF.

In "3001", Clause 3.10.1 covers initial verification; which is for new-builds; and also applies for alterations (which includes additions). Initial verification has SFA to do with issuing a WoEF.

Clause 3.10.2 (periodic verification) specifically states that the requirements for WoEF are in App C.

Yes there is a variety of opinions around WRT several specific items; but the ESRs are quite clear; no grey areas at all; so if anyone wants to change the effect, they need to seek a change in the ESR - or in App C.

WRT UK type sockets, there's been an opinion issued by ES statimng that they are banned by part 1, but this opinion is quite simply incorrect. However being one issued by them, we have to give it some attention; despite the fact that their own website disclaimer says we can't rely on anything they publish. We can only rely on Act, ESRs, and cited standards.

Why do i say this particular opinion is wrong? because they have based it on an incorrect interpretation of Clause 1.7.3 in "3000". They claim that having UK style sockets contravenes 1.7.3 (b), because there is a relevant AS/NZS for sockets so all sockets must be compliant with that standard.

which is utter balderdash, because all 1.7.3 does is provide a bum-cover: ie IF you use equipment that complies any of the following conditions, you are deemed to have complied with 1.7.1's essential requirement.
The essential requirement set by 1.7.1 is that equipment shall be selected to
- operate in a safe and reliable manner; and - not cause a danger from electrical shock, fire, high temp , etc.; and
- must be installed i.a.w MIs.

Firstly, there is absolutely NOTHING in 1.7.3 that requires compliance with an AS/NZS; even when there is an applicable one.
Secondly, there is absolutely NO doubt that the UK type sockets, correctly installed, would meet the first condition [1.7.3 (a)] by complying with AS/NZS 3820.
Not only is it OK to issue A WoEF for a CI that includes UK sokets, we're also allowed to install new ones, whether in a caravan or anywhere else (though there are some limits coming in 2018 edition).

So why have ES issued this opinion, when it's so easy to show that it's wrong?
Simply because they have another agenda: don't want people using travel adaptors, because so many of them are unsafe. And they see it as easier to persuade us that black is white, than to change the ESRs.

I fully agree with them about travel adaptors being dangerous; and that all general purpose sockets should be changed so they can be used with the normal plug type for NZ (AS/NZS 3110 3-pin flat pin 10 A).
But if the objective os to avoid use of adaptors, they should put their efforts into advising the public about the dangers, not try to hood-wink Inspectors into breaking the law by wrongly declining to issue a WoEF unless the sockets are changed.