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Posted By Topic: High Wall Duct

Aug 07 2019 14:06

Is it legal to pull a power cord and from the TV down the high wall duct out the plate and than plug it into the PowerPoint along with a HDMI cable coming through the same duct as long as there segregated?

Aug 07 2019 14:36

Duct is like this. Blue cable is just used for draw wire. Tv technician said it's not allowed to have hdmi and power running down the duct together unless they are segregated on each side of the duct.

Aug 07 2019 15:43

From electrical side it's OK as long as either both cables are insulated for highest voltage, or the NZ is double insulated. & cover this.

from the HDMI side the close proximity may cause signal quality issues. Certainly for data UTP there are specified limits on how far data & power can run in parallel; the closer together the less distance they can run.