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Posted By Topic: Coffee Cart

Aug 09 2019 12:46

Hi Guys
I have a customer that has just brought a coffee cart that was imported from China, this is not my normal sort of work so just want to make sure im heading in the right direction.

They are going to put a 20amp coffee machine in it and run everything off a generator that will be mounted on the drawbar, after going through 3001 it looks like I have to either plug it in to a seperate inlet to the current mains inlet or hardwire it depending on the type of generator, and have a change over switch in the board, is there anything else I need to be aware of with this?

As it is from china, all the writing on the wiring is in Chinese so im not sure what voltage rating it has (google thinks Chinese voltage is 220V), it has one chinese power point in it, it has a type AC RCD plug top on the sink for the hot water tap (it has a type A 16A RCBO in the
board that was fitted in NZ)

My main problem as I dont trust the current WoEF due to simple issues such as no pole fillers in the board, can see the inner conductors in the inlet from inside the caravan, the inlet conductors are then covered with tape before going into flexable conduit which then sits on a shelf with no saddles etc.
Also there is no earth bar in the switchboard, all the earths are wrapped around a stud, which feels a bit strange for a new board.
There is no neutral bar either but the neutrals go through 25A double pole MCB's.
I also did not see a 4mm earth cable anywhere so at this stage im uncertain what size the chassis bond wire is

The WoEF was only issued late last month.

Thanks in advance for your help