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Posted By Topic: Past electrical theory exams

Aug 09 2019 13:51

Hi all, anyone have copies of past electrical theory exams they'd be willing to send me?

The EWRB in their wisdom have removed all past exams from their website now that ASPEQ are doing the examining. I have a guy I'm taking through theory, and these would be helpful.

Aug 09 2019 13:58

Use the internet archive to go back and get them from earlier this year.

Aug 09 2019 14:00

Try this url:

Aug 09 2019 16:23

I didn't know you could do that, cheers mate.

Sep 02 2019 10:51

What happened to IT34 the Inspector Theory exam?? all the rest are present?

Sep 02 2019 10:54

Also I checked for dates and it appears there is an exam everyday? So now is this online??

Sep 03 2019 07:50

Exams are now online and consist of unique questions for each candidate (up to 90 questions for some exams). Questions are drawn from a large question bank that covers almost the entire EWRB teaching guideline. Gone are the days of boning up on few particular subject areas and using old exams for guidance. The few multi-mark questions in the inspectors exam I sat were all or nothing; get one small part wrong and you get no marks for the entire question at all.
In my view the current format of the exams is a backward step although there are some advantages to computerisation - almost instant marking at the end of the exam for one.

I have no idea why IT 34 is missing.

Sep 03 2019 13:18

I seem to recall that IT 34 has some major drafting errors and problems with the marking schedule of the axpected answers, so the exam was removed from the bank of old exam papers.

Sep 03 2019 20:00

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting that each exam is independently made as this could make things unfair in terms of exams difficulty. One person may get basic and another one that i stacked with harder questions. It does mean that you need a broad knowledge though which isn't all bad??