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Posted By Topic: Switchboard under waste pipe

Aug 10 2019 19:43

Hi guys, got a problem regarding the location of the switchboard. Checked the past threads but cannot find sumilar ones.

As you can see from the photo that, the plumbers run the waste pipe above the switchboard and meter box. I double checked 3000 and did find anything in restricted locations about the waste pipes, but I feel it is not safe in case of pipe leaking, though the plumbers advise the chances are very very low as there is pressure to the waste pipe and the builder will box the pipes anyway.

Now the problem is, I want to move it but this is a very small townhouse and all other walls are bracing line walls or brick wall which is not deep enough to put the board. This is pretty much only place to put. Based on the situation, my questions:

1. Is it leagally ok that I just leave it like this ?
2. I would ask the the plumber to get 2 or 3 meters 150mm pipe, cut in half and put under the existing pipe. So in this way, in case of leaking, the waste water will flow to other places rather than drops down to the boards.

Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts..


Aug 10 2019 19:45

Sorry, should be "I double checked 3000 and did NOT find anything in restricted locations about the waste pipes"

Aug 10 2019 19:55

Opps, "though the plumbers advise the chances are very very low as there is NO pressure to the waste pipe"

First question in the forum, nervous...

Aug 10 2019 20:42

The key to this is, "under normal operating conditions is it safe?" normally the pipe would not leak, just like the roof would not leak.


Aug 10 2019 21:06

True...thank you, Greg...

Aug 10 2019 21:08

The only thing I would worry about is where the 2 dwangs that you have removed should go (reinstated).

Aug 12 2019 21:59

Thank you, Daniel

Aug 14 2019 19:11

That's quite normal for residential buildings in NZ, are you new to this type of work?