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Posted By Topic: Division of circuits, distribution arrangement

Aug 13 2019 20:52

Is there a requirement to have separate circuits for sockets and lighting? I have been (sucker) passed a domestic job where a light switch and light fittings have been added to the end of a 2.5mm t&E TPS circuit with 16A mcb protection. The circuit board has 2 x light, 4 x Power point plus H/W etc, but near impossible access. The nearest reference I can find is AS/NZS 3000 (a) The electrical installation shall be arranged into appropriate number of separate circuits taking into account:
(a) The relationship of the equipment.....etc and in the Notes... but they doesn't say 'shall' or 'should'

Aug 14 2019 07:12

It's good practice to separate, however so long as the circuit protection is correct with regards to all cable sizes in the subcircuit, it is compliant.

Aug 14 2019 18:34

Short circuit protection for the lighting circuit is provided by the 16A MCB. Overload protection is provided by the fixed nature of the lighting load. So unless someone connects some outrageously large lights everything will be ok.

Aug 15 2019 20:20

Thanks very much for your input. I don't like it but will extend the circuit for one more light and install a 16A RCBO.

Aug 15 2019 20:59

FishonAbike check for conditions required before omision of overload protection.

Aug 15 2019 21:08

FishonAbike actually forget what I wrote. Don't do it. There is a reluctance in our industry to apply the exceptions to If a complaint was made it could cause you all manner of grief.