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Posted By Topic: Communal Showers

Aug 20 2019 09:09

Can anyone advise as to the definition of "Communal Showers" in reference to table 6.1 footnote " degree of protection IPX5 required in communal baths/showers" for wet zones.

example in question: a student halls of residence has individual small shower/bathrooms all classified as wet zones. If I wanted to install a heater into zone 3, would it need to be IPX5 ?

Aug 20 2019 10:02

A communal shower is shared by a umber of people rather than only by the occupants of a single domestic installation.

Showers at sports clubs, swimming pools etc are "communal; as are those in the old-style hotels where one bathroom is shred by a number of hotel rooms.

If your hostel showers are 'ensuite" to a single room / flat / etc, then not communal.
If used by wider group, then communal

Aug 20 2019 11:53

there are three shower rooms used by 10 guests, so heaters in zone 3 needs to be IPX5 ?

Aug 21 2019 14:45

is a shower where one person is showering with one or several people assisting like in an old folks home considered a communal shower?


Aug 21 2019 16:41

IEC 60364-7-701 which is the IEC equal of AS/NZS 3000:2007+A1+A2 Section 6 (dealing with showers only) is very closely modelled on, and uses the fact that in a communal shower a high pressure water apry is very likely to be used for cleaning purposes, and uses this fsct to justify the higher IP rating of the fittings installed in the shower areas.

Just another answer based on the origianl source decoument which was used for drafting of the AS/NZS 3000 shower requirments.

Aug 21 2019 17:27

That may explain how the decision to require a higher rating was arrived at. Or not.
It certainly mis-represents what the IEC Standard actually says.

The document does specify that any bath/shower where "water jets for cleaning purposes" are likely to be used need IPX5 (or higher); but it makes NO suggestion as to what sorts of baths / showers this may apply to; and there is nothing in it about "communal" showers.

Sep 05 2019 14:18

The new published IEC 60364-7-701 Ed 3 2019 (Baths and showers) has the fllowing clause covering the IP rating required for electrical fittings near batha and showers

701.512. General
Electrical equipment that is likely to be exposed to water jets (e.g. for cleaning purposes) shall have a degree of protection at least IPX5. A higher degree of protection shall be considered if more severe conditions are expected.

Where electrical equipment extends in more than one zone, the requirements of the zone with the most onerous requirements apply.

Sep 06 2019 10:50

As I said: absolutely NOTHING there about "communal showers"