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Posted By Topic: RCD doesn't switch neutral

Aug 21 2019 16:00

Is it true that an RCD that isn't required by the Standard, isn't required to switch the neutral? I've always assumed and tested for, perhaps wrongly, that all RCDs in NZ must switch the neutral.

Aug 21 2019 16:30

It is an ESR 2010 requirement reg 24(3)(a). A neutral conductor is considered a Live conductor.

Aug 21 2019 17:02

ESR 24 (1): This regulation applies to any standard low voltage RCD that is used in a situation where it is required, by these regulations or any standard, to be used.

That would appear to mean that ESR 24 (3a) is specifically not required to be followed unless the RCD is used in a situation where it's required?

Aug 21 2019 17:19

Correct; RCD that are not "required" do not have to switch the N.
The requirement to switch all live conductors is far from universal internationally.

Aug 24 2019 10:24

Please explain term when RCD 'not required'

Aug 24 2019 14:51

Most non-residential installations for example.

Aug 24 2019 18:38

Easier to look is AS/NZS3000:2007 around section 2.6 & Section 6 for the places you must use an RCD.

Everywhere else is optional and neutral switching is not required. But really why would you not.