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Posted By Topic: Working as an electrician in NZ

Aug 22 2019 16:19

Hi I'm new to this forum.I am currently an electrician apprentice in Hong Kong. I yearn to work overseas, and I'm now considering working in NZ. How can a foreigner become NZ electrician? Is it compulsory to complete any electrician courses in order to acquire certain qualifications? Thank you!

Aug 22 2019 16:59

Aug 22 2019 22:27

Thank you for your reply. I know that being a qualified electrician is not easy and requires experience. I just wonder whether I can start from electrician apprentice or something like trade assistance in NZ? I hope to accumulate experience in NZ and become qualified afterwards.

Aug 23 2019 01:03

ericxlo Best bet is to Look for work in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Get in contact with the large electrical companies which have large projects on the go. They normally take on Laborers, apprentices etc. the Kiwis are friendly and helpful so you will be right. Once you get a job the company will help you out with the apprenticeship. All the best

Aug 23 2019 16:25

Thanks Pauly. NZ is a beautiful place. I hope I can make contribute here in the future.

Sep 02 2019 15:33

You have to pass the regulation exams and practical exams and have to submit experiences to the EWRB to get it crossed over. GOod luck