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Posted By Topic: To dob in or not to

Aug 22 2019 17:26

Im getting rather sick of fixing other people's stuff ups. The ones who think they can do electrical work. I recently went to site to disconnect a bunch of circuits so the tenants could demolish and 'make good' as their lease was not being renewed. Physically disconnected some circuits and locked off a few others. Fine. I get a call the other day saying there is no power to the site. The first thing i find on site is the masking and doors of the metal enclosed board are sitting on the floor. The makeshift MDF cable way above the DB has been removed and from what i can disceren something has fallen into the chassis and blown the right hand side of the chassis to smitherines. Shoulders are shrugged as i ask a few questions and the only answer i get is "i don't know". They have ripped out all of cabling that was disconnected. Being that i had previously disconnected some of these circuits, have they undertaken PEW by removing the cabling? They managed to blow 1 of the 200A fuses on the street. I'll be replacing the chassis soon. Rant over. Worth a complaint to worksafe?

Aug 22 2019 17:35

You'd probably be wasting your time trying to make a complaint. You could also risk being investigated yourself as well, if the site didn't comply with some rule or other, like 3012 construction site requirements etc.

First thing I would be doing is ensuring that I will get paid for the work I had already done, as well as any rectification required.

How you handle that will depend on your current relationship with the client I guess.

Aug 23 2019 08:12

Dismantling installations that have been permanently disconnected is not PEW [Schedule 1, clause (2)(i).

But sounds like much more than that was done in this case.
However unless you can identify who did it, chances of them being held to account are tiny.

Aug 24 2019 20:33

I went to a shop fitout site last month to disconnect and make safe the wiring. The shopfitters worked the weekend and had removed the entire ceiling grid and all ground floor internal walls before I got there.. Every cable that used to go to a switch or socket had PDL 501 on the ends and the halogen transformers had a screw in glass fuse removed, transformers insulation taped to the catenary wiring loom. I couldn’t prove that the removal of fittings hadn’t occurred earlier, the site having been vacant for a couple of years. They weren’t admitting touching any termination except removing glass fuses and taping wires up out of the way.
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