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Posted By Topic: Name and license not found on ewrb site.

Aug 25 2019 21:26

Hi I have seen a coc filled out but when I have searched ewrb the name of the electrical worker and there registration number is not found.Should this be reported to ewrb directly or through the report a cowboy app?

Aug 25 2019 22:16


Aug 25 2019 22:22

Try unchecking the box for “currently licensed”, if they haven’t renewed in time then even if you have the right EW number it won’t show up as valid

Aug 26 2019 06:41

Ok I have searched again just on the surname and have found the person. They are registered on ewrb site but the license number is 6 digits on ewrb but on coc they have used 7 digits. Looks like they added an extra number in the middle so I take it because the license number is incorrect then the coc the coc is invalid?

Aug 26 2019 08:51

Can you check with the customer that the photo on the license matches the person who did the work?

Maybe someone is using their name and license number?

Aug 26 2019 20:14

Is there an issue with the work done? Or is your issue that the License number has been recorded incorrectly?

Aug 26 2019 20:31

Contact the person via the details on the COC form (phone number or email).


Aug 27 2019 17:33

Just a update I have advised customer to follow it up and get a copy of his license or get someone to confirm the person who did the job is licensed. It appears customer has had a builder or friend organise the electrical worker but the customer doesn't speak very good English.