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Posted By Topic: TDX breakers etc from Trade Depot

Aug 26 2019 10:01

These breakers are dirt cheap. They have an SDoC available on the website.

Anyone used any of these, have an opinion/knowledge of these units.

Thanks for any info.

Aug 26 2019 10:32

11cents cheaper than GE from an electrical wholesaler, and they don't the range required in a domestic installation. Not even worth bothering going to a different place for is it?

Aug 26 2019 11:10

3kA rating?

I'll just stick with a more well known brand.
They don't seem to have any RCBOs either.

If you want to look at products that cost less than the big brands, why don't you look at Voltex. They have a 25 year warranty on their products and that includes labour for any warranty repairs.

Aug 26 2019 11:19

Best I can tell they are 3KA...
But $3.50 inc GST for a 10A breaker seems stupid cheap.

Aug 26 2019 11:37

Voltex 4.5kA breakers are cheaper than that. And their 6kA breakers are still under $4 incl GST.

Schneider 6kA are about $4.30 incl GST.

They are all cheap these days. But just to save $10-15 on one job? Not worth going to that brand.

Aug 26 2019 11:46

Keep an eye out for the wholesaler mailers, MCBs of one brand or another are often on special. I carry a few months worth of stock & just replenish when they are on special which works well for me.
Pretty sure Russell's have Domae MCBs for $30+GST for a box of 10 at the moment.