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Posted By Topic: Cable Run

Aug 28 2019 16:48

I need to run roughly 200m of instrumentation cable carrying 24vDC out to a temperature card. Which will then convert my signal back to 4-20mA to be used in a a analog input module. Does anyone have experience with this type of work, who can guide me to the relevant standard involved? I'll need to work out voltage drop and the like also. Any help is appreciated.

Aug 28 2019 17:28

Being ELV you can pretty much do what you like. You may have to up the size of the cable due to voltage drop.


Aug 28 2019 17:36

I've done something sort-of similar. Had a pressure transducer 160m away from a VSD. 24VDC supply. 2-wire transmitter. I think it was 0.5mm instrumentation cable, no problems still going now after approx 12 years.

Aug 28 2019 18:19

After a bit more searching I have found what I was after. Thanks anyway.