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Posted By Topic: Starting a career as an Electrical Engineer

Aug 29 2019 15:06

Hey Guys,

Hope everything is going well for you all.

I want to pursue a career as an Electrical Engineer and would really appreciate if anyone has any advice or leads on getting an apprenticeship. I have graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering specializing in Automation and control. I love New Zealand and I've met some amazing people and made some really good friends over the past 5 years. I have extensive experience in farming, hospitality and fast food industry and with a result-oriented approach in my previous job, I worked myself up to a management position with 3 years of experience. You can reach me on 0210681848 or

Thank you

Aug 29 2019 22:17

Most apprenticeships aren't advertised so you really have to pick up the phone or stop by the workshop and ask around. If you're really ballsy you could turn up early to Telfers and talk to the guys who have their meetings there in the morning haha. Getting a position at a domestic/commercial contractor will be a lot easier than industrial but there is more labouring and its not as interesting in my opinion. If you are working in construction the work is pretty hard, digging trenches,using powertools, crawling in the ceiling etc, its definitely not all interesting, its highly repetitive and you wont learn something new everyday. Your best bet is to try get work in a technical industrial environment. On a side note your registration requirements as an electrical engineer are quite different to someone completing an 'apprenticeship'and this might effect your ability to get work if your employer is aware they can't exploit you for four years.

Aug 30 2019 13:18

Thank you for your advice.