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Posted By Topic: Height for residential Switchboard?

Aug 31 2019 15:08

Hello Everyone.
I want to move old asbestos board switchboard to another place. What is the best height to install a new switchboard? Thanks in advance.

Aug 31 2019 18:46

If it is the main switchboard, then install it so that the main switch is at 2m or less from the floor. That's all that really matters.

Aug 31 2019 22:12

Thanks for answer mate. Appreciated.

Sep 02 2019 10:14

doug p, there are also wet zones and access to consider.

Sep 02 2019 10:42

rarrar, sure. Plus plenty of other things to consider as well relating to switchboards. But he only asked about the height.

Sep 02 2019 11:05

given the fact that they couldn't even simply work that out you think that 'nothing else really matters' will be right?

Sep 02 2019 14:34

I think the wiring rules should have a 'recommended height' for switchboards, rather than just a top limit. I like the top of the switchboard to be about eye level (~1.6m) if that fits in with the framing, that is a good height for people to work without needing to stand on something.

Sep 02 2019 16:32

whose eye level would they recommend then?

Sep 02 2019 19:41

Above 1.2m FFL

Sep 02 2019 21:15

Ron71 pretty much every switchboard complies with the exception to

So the 1.2m minimum height for a switchboard shouldn't come into play.