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Posted By Topic: cost to connect to pillar

Sep 02 2019 11:03

i just got charged $405 to connect a cable into a pillar and queried the amount as the trench was open, they installed the pillar on the sam job, that was $2070. queried how it cost so much to strip a bit of single core neutral screen, sleeve and terminate it and they tell me it costs to get an ICP etc. does the cost sound right for 'connection into new pedestal'? ($4.5 inc gst)


Sep 02 2019 18:11

try $1800 to terminate a 16ml single core N/s up a pole as apart of a cable replacement - so no fuse to establish etc... as its all existing. queried and got told its menu pricing. line crew was onsite about 15 minutes.

Sep 03 2019 05:20

The power companies are a law unto themselves as there is nowhere else to go.


Sep 03 2019 16:08

capitalism + monopoly = price gouging. Add medical needs to that and you get super price gouging.


Sep 03 2019 22:55

OP, where in NZ are you?

Sep 04 2019 09:41

wairarapa, menu pricing i find after the event, even so they put in a pillar at a separate cost so there was twenty minutes work there plus a few minutes to apply for an icp number, online, free of charge.

Sep 04 2019 18:39

Yep I got charged $90 travel by the power company to take out & replace fuselinks in pillar box. The place was 6 minutes out of town.