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Posted By Topic: Adding power point to existing circut

Sep 02 2019 15:28

Existing 10mA Double Power Point fed from a CB in the switch room. This is at a medical facility.

I don't have much experience working at a medical facility so not sure if i am missing on some special rules.

1. Can this power point be extended, given it's a medical room. If it can be I will be installing the same 10mA RCD protected power points.
2. The existing power point is in the middle, he wants one at the top and one at the bottom. Better to loop from middle to top then to bottom? Or just split the original connection 3 ways.


Sep 02 2019 16:30

you should get an electrician, they will know how to configure the wires and safely terminate them as well as what is required by law.

Sep 02 2019 17:18

Been a medical area, it becomes high risk and needs inspection before been allowed to use.

Is the RCD at the power point or distribution board?
Is the medical area a cardiac area?
I would suggest that you get an electrician with medical area exp. to do this as there are lots of do's and don't

Sep 02 2019 18:02

Thanks, I read over AS/NZS 3003 and there is a lot of areas of the standard I am not familiar with. If this was a residential home I would of done it in a heart beat but being medical facility I have to do my due dilligence. Thanks very much for this information.

Sep 02 2019 18:05

The RCD is intergrated into the power point and there isn't any RCD at the distribution board. Nevertheless ill probably bypass this job

Sep 03 2019 12:20

The first question is :

what makes you think the rules for medical electrical apply?

Just being eg a doctors' rooms doesn't trigger that requirement.
What matters is whether there is any intent by the operator to use " electrical medical devices".

Being an existing installation, and such devices are expected / intended to be used, then the relevant part(s) of the installation should already be
a) installed i.a.w. 3003; and
b) clearly labelled as either a body-protected or cardiac-protected area.

In absence of that it's reasonable to conclude that it's not an area required to comply with "3003"


Sep 03 2019 12:48

Used by a podiatrist and he has electrical equipment he does use on patients. Which is why I think it falls under the 3003 rule.