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Posted By Topic: residential Switchboard / Suboard

Sep 02 2019 16:40

I have an existing external switchboard / meter combo on the side of a customers house, and he would like an upgrade. Ive priced to leave the old enclosure there, leave the meter & ripple and main switch in place, and run up to the a suboard about 3ft away on the internal side of the wall.

Is there any issue with this? I assume i just leave the menlink in the mainboard & put an HRC in there for isolation / overload.


(I only really do commercial so I thought id check :D )


Sep 02 2019 18:13

more info required, are you creating a sub board or moving all the circuit protection to the new location ?

Sep 02 2019 19:11

Was hoping to remove all the subcircuits out of the meter box, into what would become a sub board, and just leave a main switch and some overcurrent protection in the meter box.

Sep 02 2019 21:12

Sounds fine as a main switchboard - just as it was.
Mains switch. N&E bars, MEN link. Main earth conductor to the main earth bar.

Overcurrent protection for the submain doesn't need to be an HRC, it could be a 63A MCB.

Suitably sized A, N & E to the indoor distribution board. No MEN link at the distribution board of course. Run all the final subcircuits from there.


Sep 05 2019 18:08

So if they connect to a sub board with 16 mm2 A and N and a 6 mm2 E (PEC) would this trigger an inspection?

Sep 05 2019 18:32

Mains (the high risk work requiring inspection) only goes as far as the terminals on the live side of the main switch, whatever is on the switched side is not mains.