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Posted By Topic: MEN

Sep 02 2019 19:14

Whats the technical reason for only 1 MEN link on an ICP ?

Sep 02 2019 19:29

Sorry apart from an outbuilding with its own MEN link which I never do anyway.

Sep 02 2019 20:55

To prevent neutral losd current flowing in the protective earthing conductors of the submains to distribution switchboaod .

If an MEN link is fitted to the distribution switchboard, the sub main neutral and protective earth conductors are connected in parallel and the neutral load is returned to the main switchboard, the actual current in each conductor depends on the impedance of each conductor.

If non-linear (odd harmonics) currents are flowing due to the type of loading, the harmonic load currents is also shared between the N and PE the submain conductors also.