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Posted By Topic: Running cables in new build

Sep 04 2019 21:38

Im wiring up my new build, I have an industrial sparkie background so first time for me in a couple of decades domestic new build. The domestic sparkie I had to work with me has gone down with the man flu this week so am plodding ahead.

In the old days everything was pin clipped but I noticed people using nails to support runs, guess its quicker?

Anyhow if I am running a cable beside truss supported by ceiling battens, and ceiling height above 600 mm does it still need to be clipped? If its yes as I think it is, are nails considered a valid cable support?

Or are people just using nails to assist with a quicker prewire then replacing with pin clips afterwards?

Next question how do you branch of the truss perpendicular, say to a light?

Thanks for any advice, I'm aware even a first year apprentice would know this, but my only resource apart from this site is probably lying in bed watching the block nz.


Sep 05 2019 07:25

The good old days where everything was clipped.

The requirement is for the cables to be adequately supported and protected from mechanical damage.

If the space is not accessible once the build is complete either due to being fully enclosed or insufficient space then lying on top of the battens is usually OK.

“Replace the nails with pin clips”. Not likely.

You can branch off from the truss to a light or other thing using a batten or a purpose installed bit of wood. One benefit of clipping the cables is that they can usually be considered to be Partially enclosed in insulation rather than fully enclosed.