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Posted By Topic: ESNZ, NZEIA

Sep 06 2019 10:14

I have been thinking lately about joining one of these organisations. Being an inspector working alone for the past few years I don't get to have the chats around the smoko table with other inspectors anymore. I was wondering if there is any benefit from joining up with one of these organisations.
Is anyone a current member of one of these organisations and can advise whether membership is beneficial.
It really is only so I can keep up to date with current going on's etc..
Also I'm based in Auckland region if that matters.



Sep 06 2019 10:19

i don't have the chats i used to have but this place more than makes up for it in terms of working shit out.

Sep 06 2019 10:41

If you're into Facebook groups, there are a couple of good ones to discuss standards and work practices.

The one below is pretty good. Most of the members are Australians so they are already dealing with 3000:2018.

But there is quite a lot of NZ electricians and inspectors in the group as well.

You have to answer the questions to be accepted into the group.

Sep 06 2019 11:00

ESNZ hasregular breakfast meetings; monthly in Auckland.
Contact the secretary :

Sep 06 2019 16:45

I've been a member of the NZEIA, although it is lower North Island based there is a " Northern" branch that meets every other month in Matamata that gets a reasonable turn out. I have only been to 1 of the meetings and found the discussion quite good as well as the topic of Ewof's.

You can also login thru google hangouts to the national meeting

Sep 06 2019 19:08

Just a FYI for anyone trying to join the Facebook I posted above.

There are simple entry questions that you need to answer to join the group (don't worry about your Facebook location).

But there seems to be a problem with the Facebook mobile app not displaying the entry questions - just the spinning circle.

So please try from a PC if possible.

If you're application doesn't get accepted the first time, it's possible your answers didn't show. So you can try again.

Sep 06 2019 19:13

Or maybe an Inspectors only Facebook group may be in order?

Sep 07 2019 05:04

There is for the Waikato