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Posted By Topic: Difference in residential and commercial breaker

Sep 07 2019 14:44

Hi everyone,
Could you please tell me difference between commercial and residential breaker? Can we identify by colour if there is any difference? Thanks

Sep 07 2019 17:35

You need to ask the various manufacturers. At least one uses an image of a house to indicate that that range of devices isn't intended for other than domestic type installations.

My understanding is that some manufacturers produce mcbs, RCDs etc that have not gone through full testing for all of the more arduous conditions expected in industrial settings.For example, you can't be guaranteed to get Type 2 co-ordination if you use a "domestic" mcb on a motor circuit, because no testing for co-ordination has been done. So when a fault happens, you may have to replace the mcb and the starter after 1 trip.

Also the PSSC ratings will tend to be lower.

But there's NOTHING in wiring rules that forbids it, or that requires best practice.

All you have to do is use a device with appropriate ratings for trip current, voltage (to earth), PSSC, etc.


Sep 07 2019 21:14

Thank you for brief answer mate.