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Posted By Topic: Body protected area Inspection

Sep 09 2019 19:59

Is this correct?

"Who can certify a Body Protected Area?
The inspection and testing requirements for Body Protected Areas have been formulated so as an
electrician’s licence is not required, however it is essential that the person undertaking the tests has
a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of AS/NZS3003. Usually this means the person who
undertakes testing will be a qualified biomedical technician or engineer, or a registered electrician
with experience of medical locations."

I have been asked by a client If I could carry out their yearly BPA certification.
I had a read through 3003:2018 and saw Inspection.
I am not allowed under an EW license to carry out periodic verification of caravan parks as it is "Inspection" 3001:2008 C3.
So why can non licenced people Inspect BPAs?

Sep 09 2019 20:04

Bolloks, It's been a long day.

Sep 09 2019 20:18

If you look closely at ESR 75, you'll see that of the 6 types of "periodic assessment:, only 3 require an I licence.

that includes PA of a caravan park, but that's NOT "inspection" it's just a PA that can only be done by an Inspector. To be extra clear: just 'co only an "Inspector" can do it doesn't make it "inspection "

Also in that category, but under a different ESR (78) is carrying out a WoEF check.

The other 3 types of PA only require a 'competent person". For which the competence is set by the relevant Standard.

So that amounts to 7 types of periodic; of which 4 require an I licence; but NONE of which are PEW.