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Posted By Topic: Eurotec wireless sensor and receiver technical que

Sep 10 2019 17:54

Eurotec ACM-3000H2. Please tell me what im missing here. This is supposed to add a wireless sensor while retaining a 2 way switching circuit.

Sep 10 2019 17:55

Picture attached hopefully

Sep 10 2019 18:15

Picture hasnt come up, but from what I can see online the switch wire from the 2 way circuit that would normally go to the light goes to an input on the unit (either S1 or S2 depending on what your using), the light is then fed from an output on the unit (either 01 or 02)

Sep 10 2019 20:02

I'm looking at a wiring diagram for 2 single light switches thinking its the diagram for the 2 way circuit thats whats wrong. FFS. Ta