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Posted By Topic: SDOCS again

Sep 15 2019 11:17

I have a customer who imports large commercial UV lights used in water treatment plants. An electrical engineer is insisting on a SDOC and has been advised by worksafe that one is required. I have checked the medium and high risk articles and can't find this type of equipment on there. Am I reading them correctly.

Sep 15 2019 12:15

It probably doesn't match any of the types that require an SDOC.

Sep 15 2019 17:08

for light fittings, if it's not a type intended for domestic or similar use, it's not a DMRA and so doesn't need an SDoC

Sep 25 2019 16:37

Hey Aleck,

So if an industrial or commercial plant wanted to use an imported light fitting and it didn't come with an SDoC then it's all good to install? if so, how and why if you don't mind me asking

Sep 25 2019 18:24

Did you read the definitions from the worksafe site?

Also if they imported the fitting themselves, it doesn't apply. An SDoC is only required when they are "offered for sale".

Sep 26 2019 16:59

Oh I see. That's quite interesting, so if say a fitting was imported and somehow managed to cause a fire and ended up causing damages, without an SDoC to say that it conforms to NZ standards, would they still be able to be covered by insurance you think?