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Posted By Topic: Neutral not fitting in bus bar

Sep 16 2019 11:29

Hi guys I have a situation where the neutral wire is too thick to fit in the terminal of the bus bar what would be my options.

Sep 16 2019 11:43

What size wire and hole? You can get pin crimp lugs for larger cables.

Sep 16 2019 14:56

It's about 2.5mm hole and 6mm cable.

Sep 16 2019 17:39

Are you an electrician?

Sep 16 2019 20:22

thanks I found what I am looking for.!8733!3!99325693714!!!g!441403653319!&cm_mmc=AU-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_AU_EN_Connectors-_

Sep 16 2019 21:01

Didn’t realise you only needed small ones. You can get those from any wholesalers. RS do tend to offer an overnight service.

Sep 17 2019 09:03

I have found I am needing to use ferules more and more to downsize cables to ensure the fit in fittings. Unless its a PDL 32A hob switch, others struggle to get two 4mm into the screw holes. Most domestic light fittings have choco blocks which only take a 1.5mm cable, trying to jam two 1.5mm for looping is a nightmare.

Sep 17 2019 17:23

Not to mention all the double insulated fittings with no provision for an earth or room to fit a loop terminal, or downlights without room to terminate the sheath inside them.

Sep 17 2019 22:57

OP: I havent come across that situation before (except for perhaps on old 1940s neutral bar). You could add another bar to it with a bolt and double nut connection.

A nicely stripped 6 mm wire (not twisted) will surprisingly fit into a lot of tight holes.