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Posted By Topic: ESR 2010 Reg 76 - No supply without warrant of ele

Sep 17 2019 15:00

"76 - No supply without warrant of electrical fitness
Before permitting or authorising a connection for the supply of electricity to a connectable installation in a vehicle, relocatable building, or pleasure vessel, the person supplying electricity must verify that the connectable installation has a current warrant of electrical fitness."

Taking this from the view of the the person supplying electricity.

If a caravan is checked has has no WOEF. The person supplying electricity says carry onto your site but you can't connect to the power.

Does the the person supplying electricity need to ever confirm that that the person hasn't connected anyway?

Or are you covered by the "don't ask don't tell policy" ?

Thanks all

Sep 18 2019 08:18

The supplier of the electricity must not give permission to connect unless there's a current WoEF. If they connect without permission, that's theft. And if the owner turns a blind eye, the court would likely find that they had given permission.

Sep 18 2019 10:47

As always, Thank you AlecK