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Posted By Topic: AS/NZS 3019 Periodic Verification Inspections

Sep 19 2019 16:58

Would I be correct in believing that an EST could carry out a basic visual inspection of an installation, say a retail store?
Looking through AS/NZS 3019 Section 3, I can't see anything that would necessarily disqualify an EST (as a minimum) being competent to perform the various checks listed there, am I missing something?

Sep 19 2019 20:42

Such work is not PEW (Inspection / testing is only PEW when it is following and associated with installation / maintenance / connection of fittings or conductors). So no registration required by the regs.

Not sure what the standards say about competencies required though - I'd be surprised if they were silent on that point.

Sep 20 2019 06:34

Agree; except that if the visual inspection i.a.w. Section 3 is for purposes of re-connecting / relivening after 6 months , ESR 74 requires the cert to mbe issued by someone authorised to certify mains work