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Posted By Topic: Wooden cabinet around an old 300x300 panel switch

Sep 21 2019 17:08

I have a customer who wants me to organise a little wooden switch board cabinet to go over one of those typical 80's & 90's 300x300 boards.I see plenty of wooden cabinets built around sw boards but is this legit? Fire hazard etc.

Sep 21 2019 19:07

chances are they want this to make it hide, why dont you upsell them a new recessed board instead. Win Win, no fire rating issue, and better circuit protection.

Sep 21 2019 20:21

Na they don't have the budget and the board is in good condition anyway.

Sep 22 2019 06:31

there's no regulation or wiring rule that prohibits such an enclosure.
It just becomes a switchboard in a cupboard.

Sep 22 2019 08:45

Thanks Aleck.