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Sep 23 2019 10:34

Omission of overload protection device
Just trying to get my head around figure 2.6
Would multiple A B conductors be classed as branch circuits?


Sep 23 2019 13:24

A-B is the (undersized) conductor that can't be overloaded by the connected electrical equipment.

In Fig 2.6, section A-B is the section that isn't allowed to have any other branch circuits or socket outlets.

Sep 23 2019 14:13

Yeah so the way I read it Doug we can have multiple undersized conductors connected to the larger conductor as long as the sum of the fixed loads is incapable of overloading the larger cable

Sep 23 2019 17:44

That's not really the purpose of the clause.

The larger cable must be protected by its upstream protective device anyway. The A-B cable(s) can be smaller than the upstream protective device but must be suitably sized for the connected load. (a well as the other restrictions in the clause).