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Posted By Topic: Sleeving 'at each termination'

Sep 25 2019 16:05

Doing a project with a lot of 3C+E being used as two phases, neutral, and earth, so we're sleeving the blue conductor to black in accordance with 3.8.2.

At endpoints it's pretty easy to just sleeve the whole length of the inner core because it's generally <100mm, but at switchboards it's often >0.5m from the removal of the outer sheath to the neutral bar, and is a pain to shorten to the right length.

This clause seems pretty vague; do you interpret it as just needing a band at the actual termination, or needing to completely cover over the blue colour to be black?

It says 'sleeving or other means shall be of colour-fast, non-conductive material that is compatible with the cable and its location' - so a ring of PVC tape may even be compliant?

I realise a good proportion of people just ignore this rule and use blue directly, but we have a lot of these and a mix of 2P+N, 3P, and 3P+N, so there is the possibility for confusion.


Sep 25 2019 18:20

You could just buy some of this. It's like $10 a roll.

Sep 25 2019 18:25

domestic, commercial or industrial?

Sep 25 2019 18:29

gregmcc - in this case it doesn't make any difference. Because the 3c+e that he's using will have dark blue, not light blue - so it needs sleeving anyway.

Sep 25 2019 20:51

Yeah, that's the stuff we're using.

The problem is that you end up with a really really fat bundle of neutrals, and juggling the length of conductor, labels, and stripping everything back neatly is quite a pain.


Sep 26 2019 06:34

The clause isn't vague at all. It says "at each termination" and it means at each termination.
If they'd wanted the entire length of stripped-back core to be sleeved, they'd have said so.