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Posted By Topic: Mining Electrical Job in Perth

Sep 25 2019 20:03

Considering moving to Perth and getting a Electrical
Job in the mining industry. Would appreciate any advice about how I would go about this and things I would need to do and think about / organise.

Sep 30 2019 17:47

Hey, I would arrange to do a couple courses,

-High Voltage
-Working at Heights
-High Risk Licence with EWP endorsement
-Construction White Card
-Senior First Aid & LV Rescue
-Hazardous Areas [if you want work OG&C]

Then see if you can get on some local industrial sites [Alcoa, BP Kwinana Refinery, Water Corp, Western Power etc], you will have to harass some big contractors [Monodephous, Broadspectrum, UGL, Downers, SCEE, AGC], otherwise smaller mining electrical contractors [Hahn Electrical] once your in, your in,

That will give you some """WA experience""", and get you some contacts, best bet is get on linkedin and see if you can find a friend of friend who is already working on a site.

Also make sure your resume has the key words as per the job add on seek or whichever site, and be a bit more dynamic in the way you describe your experience, i.e "cable pulling" is actually "installation and commissioning of LV Mains & Feeders"

Oct 06 2019 12:15

Thanks Lusty, I will investigate these courses and the other ways of getting experience and contacts. Cheers.