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Posted By Topic: Reporting Electrically Unsafe Installations

Sep 26 2019 08:05

Hi all,

I'm of the understanding that anything we as sparkies see that is electrically unsafe needs to be rectified, and that if the homeowner etc is unwilling to do this, we need to notify worksafe/energysafety. I can't find the legislation that states this, however. Can someone point me to it? thanks.

Sep 26 2019 09:21

Combination of ESRs 113 & 19

But it's not exactly as you thought.

ESR 113 specifies the conditions under which existing installations are permitted to remain in service - basically complied when installed, still comply with original rules, and not electrically unsafe.

ESR 19 requires immediate hazards to be notified... but only if found while doing PEW. and there's a difference between being "electrically unsafe" and being an "immediate hazard - though we have no firm guidance as to exactly what the difference is.
Overall, given we can be prosecuted for not notifying but can't get into trouble (at least not with officials)by notifying things that may not be an "immediate hazard"; probably best to notify if in any doubt.