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Posted By Topic: esc required for changing a towel rail etc over?

Sep 27 2019 09:18

is it needed or not?

Sep 27 2019 14:44


If replacing a damaged socket outlet unit for a new unit you require an ESC. Relacing a damage heated towel rail is the same in respect for the issue of a ESC.

Sep 27 2019 15:11

thank you, had a customer argued it wasn't the case for a wireed in appliance, post the Q here and send them the link, job done.


Sep 28 2019 07:18

why would they care?
Are they particularly green, and hate seeing extra bits of paper used?
Or maybe not wanting to pay for the certificate?

Sep 28 2019 08:59

because i charge for them, because a 'mate' says it's not needed.....