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Posted By Topic: Earth conductor sleeved to red, when to replace?

Sep 27 2019 14:00


We have a job that has quite a few lighting circuits that have the green earth conductor sleeved red.
I know this was legal up till AS/NZS3000:2007
This house was built in 1994/95.

We are doing some renovation work on this house and some of the wall linings have been removed but the majority of it is to remain. A large portion of this wiring will be non-accessible without removing the wall linings.

At what stage is this no longer compliant and have to be replaced/upgraded?

Are we allowed to leave the existing cabling, as it complied when installed and install new cabling for just the alterations?



Sep 27 2019 17:29

I can't answer your question sorry however can say that a family member tapped into a 2way circuit like this for a bit of DIY wiring & wondered why the bedroom light he wired up only came on when the hall light switch was turned on one way. When he switched the hall switch the other way the metal fitting became live.

Sep 27 2019 17:40

hope this link helps, similar question, same answer as your situation

Sep 30 2019 07:59

I have looked at other posts but am still unclear as to when the cable has to be replaced.
I understand that an existing cable if compliant when installed is allowed to remain.

But what about

1. A socket or switch has to move, the cables are long enough, but 90% of the cable in not accessible without removing wall linings

2. A cable that has to be extended to reach it's new location but 90% of the wall linings are not accessible without removing wall linings

The client has quite a few changes but does not want to completely re-Gib the whole house. About 10% of the Gib has been removed for the renovation work.