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Posted By Topic: Meter installer

Sep 29 2019 10:18

Hi guys ,I am an electrical inspector and was hoping that somebody may have some information on how to become eligible to liven houses, from the street , hang the meter and issue ROI. TIA

Sep 29 2019 11:47

talk to your local power authority to become approved by them to work on their network

Sep 29 2019 12:22

Thanks gregmcc, I'm pretty sure I can get that side sorted, it was more the meter hanging bit and being authorized by the retailer's to install their meters?

Sep 29 2019 13:20

You would have to work for one of the designated metering contractors, like Wells or other local ones.

Sep 29 2019 18:59

I did new connections etc for a few years with Vircom and I believe they were controlled through AMS but they will sort all necessary training
When I did it it was busy times and enjoyable but as time went on the compliance factor, photos etc etc compounded and became painful
If you are doing it on a unit rate it needs to be realistic as there is a lot of work that doesn’t actually involve twisting wires etc
They also love call backs when a photo is bit out of focus etc
But if rates a good it’s a good sideline bit of work
Touch base with your local network and go from there
Good luck

Sep 29 2019 20:19

Hey thanks Sparky59! Appreciate that.