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Posted By Topic: Recessed LED close to sprinkler head

Sep 29 2019 19:21

Hi guys. I'm doing an install in a new apartment block that has ceiling sprinklers installed. Does anyone know off the top of their head, or can point me to the literature to tell me the minimum distance required between a recessed LED fitting and the sprinkler head. The pipe fitters have located the sprinkler heads about 100mm away from our measured light positions. Thanks.

Sep 29 2019 19:23

it's their trade, they should know

Sep 29 2019 19:29

Pipe fitters are Malaysian with not much english.

Sep 30 2019 16:59

ask yourself, under normal operating conditions will this be safe? - Does the sprinkler head normally spray water - or is it normally dry?


Sep 30 2019 17:43

light fittings normally have to be at least 300mm away from a sprinkler head, due to the obstruction that they cause, in the case of a recessed led fitting there is no obstruction, so you should be fine.
All sprinkler systems need to be certified by a 3rd party, so rest assured if there is an issue with this location then it will get sorted.

Sep 30 2019 22:21

NZS 4541 table 5.2

Recessed is fine.

If the fitting sits below the level of the deflector of the sprinkler head then it has to be placed a distance away from the sprinkler. This distance is determined by how far below the deflector the obstruction sits

Oct 01 2019 19:21

Thanks everyone for your help.