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Posted By Topic: Earth rod near gas bottles

Oct 04 2019 09:38

I personally don't like the design of putting both electrical and gas systems on the same side of a house. Today a friend told me to the bottle delivery guy refused to replace the bottle because there was a Earth rod at the fringe of hazardous area in figure 4.10. since Earth rod and its connection is neither socket outlet, switch, luminaries, meter box or air-conditioner, I was wondering the gas guy was too conservative or not.

Oct 04 2019 14:45

ask to see his diagram and show you with a tape what the issue is first.

Oct 09 2019 23:06

A similar question in past inspector exam, could be 4 years around.
The answer given is: create a barrier between the gas bottle and electrical appliance. The height of the barrier is greater than where the zone hits the barrier. it will reduce the zone.

Oct 10 2019 09:07

True the words of 4.18.2, as published in 3000:2007 +A1+A2, only prohibit elect equipt that is a source of ignition from the Zone.
However these words are modified in Schedule 2 of ESRs so that only elect equipment that directly relates to the gas installation is permitted.

That change makes the rule more restrictive.

Even the original words are more restrictive than in the gas installations Standard (5601.1), which is where the diagram came from and where the clearances are to "ignition sources", but the entire subject is only in an "informative" Appendix, so is non-enforceable from a gas rules point of view.
There's no way an earth electrode can be considered a source of ignition; so yes the delivery minion was being over-cautious - probably because his boss has issued an in-house 'rule'.