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Posted By Topic: Inverter wiring classification

Oct 05 2019 20:38

What do you class the AC wiring from the output of the inverter to the alternative supply main switch as?

Is it regarded as mains?

Because it doesn't meet the definition of final subcircuit or submains

Oct 05 2019 20:42

Couldn't find any definition in AS4777.1 either

Oct 06 2019 08:12

Correct it is not submains, nor a final subcircuit. I think you'll find it meets the definition of "consumer mains"; when compared with definition of "Point of supply" 1.4.95 (notably item (b) "output terminals of an electricity generating system within the premises").
However that definition is over-ridden by the def. of PoS in the Act, so need to work through that.
And while "3000" treats inverters as generating systems [7.3.1 (c)], technically they don't actually generate - they are actually electricity converters.


Oct 06 2019 09:13

Interesting, would it be right to say they don't really have an official definition? I'm just trying to dictate what rules apply to them that's all, thank you for the information